Your feedback is important to us.

We really value feedback about what is working for our residents and stakeholders and appreciate hearing about the things which are not working as well as they should – we are continuously seeking improvement to better service. If our team members have done a good job, we’ve delivered an outstanding service or you have an idea for program, let us know. It helps us to build on our what we are doing well.

But we don’t always get it right. You may be confused by our policies or processes, upset about how we have communicated with you, or feel dissatisfied with how we have managed something to do with your home.

Fill out our feedback form below.

Complaints and Appeals

There is a process for letting us know if you are concerned about our service or about your home.

Here’s how else to lodge a complaint or otherwise appeal a decision made on a complaint already registered:

  • By filling out the feedback form below
  • By email
  • By telephone (02) 6627 5300 or direct lines or mobile numbers
  • In person at an NRH office or at an off-site location (for example, an event)

Of course, we encourage you to talk to NRH direct.

We encourage our tenants to discuss any concerns or problems with their Tenancy Manager.

If you aren’t satisfied with the conversation you have with the Tenancy Manager or you are not comfortable talking with them, you can ask to speak with the Team Leader.

What happens once you submit a Complaint or Appeal?

NRH will acknowledge the complaint or appeal within two (2) business days of receiving it.

A team leader or manager will read your complaint or appeal, review any records we have about the matter, the investigation will be completed within 28 business days and a written response will be provided.

To respond and take action, we ask that you include detailed information. For example, a property address if the feedback is about a property.

Feedback form


Looking to contact us about something else?

For all other inquiries please get in touch via our contact form or phone the relevant Northern Rivers Housing office.

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