At Northern Rivers Housing we also provide some properties under our affordable housing programs. These programs are generally directed to assist local people who may be working and cannot afford to live in the private rental market close to their place of employment, training, or education.

Compared to our general housing properties, there are some very important differences with affordable housing, including:

  • The method used to assess the rent to be paid by the household
  • The impact on our tenants’ ongoing tenancy with NRH if the total household income becomes more than the eligibility limits for the relevant affordable housing program.
  • Anyone interested will need to complete the General Application form(one to be completed per household) and the Applicant Information form (to be completed by every household resident aged 18 or older).

Information about all of our affordable housing programs, including current eligibility limits, is included in our factsheet. A copy of our complete Affordable Housing Guidelines are available for download.

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