At Northern Rivers Housing we are dedicated to seeking and providing affordable housing solutions for the Northern Rivers community.

We work with landlords and eligible people seeking housing to provide accommodation that supports employment, access, and community involvement.

We also undertake projects working and partnering with property and housing developers to deliver new affordable housing solutions to the market.

Find out more below.

Social Housing

Northern Rivers Housing provides long-term social housing and affordable rental for eligible people with special needs and those on low and moderate incomes.

In NSW, there is a single Housing Register for social housing. You can apply to be on this waiting list at the office of any community housing provider (including Northern Rivers Housing), or at an office of Housing NSW. You will be asked to:

  • Complete an application for housing
  • Provide documents to prove your identity
  • Provide proof of income received by yourself and all household members
  • Provide additional information if required.

To check your eligibility for social housing, see our Applying for Housing factsheet, or download our How Can We Help You? Brochure.

For more information about the NSW Housing Register, including the required forms, visit the Housing Pathways website.

Affordable Housing

At Northern Rivers Housing we provide some properties under our affordable housing programs. These programs are aimed at assisting local people who cannot afford to live in the private rental market close to their place of employment, training, or education.

There are some important differences to note between our general housing properties and affordable housing, including:

  • The method used to assess the rent to be paid by the household; and
  • Some programs require tenants to demonstrate their ongoing eligibility to remain in the property in the longer term.

See our Affordable Housing Programs factsheet for information about our programs and current eligibility limits. A copy of our complete Affordable Housing Guidelines are available to download.

If you are interested in an Affordable Housing Program with Northern Rivers Housing, you will need to complete:

Housing partnerships program

We work with a range of support service providers to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community have access to local housing. Partnerships are conducted according to the arrangements that best promote the sustainability of each tenancy.

In these partnerships, Northern Rivers Housing delivers tenancy and property management services, whilst the support provider delivers ongoing support and / or care services to the tenant.

To find out more about partnering with us visit our Partnerships page for more information about our supported housing partnerships program.

Together Home Program

Our Together Home program supports rough sleepers into safe and secure homes. The aim of the program is to transition people away from homelessness and into long-term stable housing, while improving overall personal wellbeing.

The program can help:

  • People who are street sleeping (or living in tents or cars) or who have a history of street sleeping.
  • Clients of homelessness service providers who are currently in crisis or transitional accommodation.
  • Those who are interested in moving to long-term housing but require support to do so.
  • Those who are eligible for housing assistance.

The Together Home program recognises that most rough sleepers have complex needs that require support. To provide this support, program benefits include:

  • Securing long-term tenancy.
  • Regular property inspections.
  • Intensive in-house support to tenants.

If you are a landlord with a 1- or 2-bedroom property available or would like more information about the Together Home program, please call our Lismore office on (02) 6627 5300.

Northern Rivers Housing Villages

Northern Rivers Housing has been appointed by the NSW Government to manage the first temporary housing villages that are providing homes to people in the Northern Rivers NSW community who were displaced by the February and March 2022 floods.

In response to the pressing need for housing, the NSW Government identified several crown land sites in the region which are being transformed into community villages comprised of modular homes and caravans.

Northern Rivers Housing is responsible for providing village management, allocations, tenancies, support services, activities, ground works and maintenance, cleaning and security to ensure residents have a safe, secure and healthy living environment while they rebuild their lives.

Flood-impacted community members seeking housing support should contact Service NSW on 13 77 88, visit the website or speak to Recovery Centre staff.

Emergency housing assistance

We do not provide immediate housing assistance through Northern Rivers Housing. However, we can assist people to access local services that may be able to provide emergency housing.

We can also assist people who are homeless (or are at risk of becoming homeless) to access Housing NSW’s Emergency Temporary Accommodation Scheme. You can visit the Emergency Temporary Accommodation site, which includes after hours contact details and information about other helpful services for people at risk of homelessness.

Northern Rivers Housing also has a factsheet available for people interested in applying for temporary accommodation assistance.

Emergency/Disaster Information Contacts

Many of our regional councils and shire councils now have Emergency/Disaster Dashboards which provide residents with useful information, links and contacts in an emergency. Please check the dashboard of your local council for recent updates:

Support for developers or owners of NSW Government approved affordable housing

Are you developing or buying into a development that includes approved affordable housing under the NSW Government Housing and Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy? There are significant government subsidies available to developers who include specified Affordable Housing as part of their development application.

Northern Rivers Housing are experts at managing Affordable Housing lease arrangements. We can provide support to you during the development application process, as well as provide high quality property management services for the duration of the State Environment Planning Policy specified term. Our property management services include:

  • Property marketing
  • Ensuring applicant eligibility
  • Managing bonds and rental payments
  • Managing complaints and disputes
  • Undertake inspections and conduct maintenance
  • Pursue unpaid monies

Please contact Northern Rivers Housing on 02 6627 5300 or at

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